Sunday, April 6, 2014


We had just a few days at Disney and wanted to spend our time between Epcot and Magic Kingdom. I figured we should go to Epcot first so that it didn't pale in comparison once Ella had been to Magic Kingdom! 

We got up early on Tuesday morning so that we could be there around 7:30am. The park opened at 8am for an extra hour before it opened to the public, if you were staying in a Disney hotel, so I wanted us there before the early opening. 

I woke up at 6am and there was a little coffee stand in our hotel that I planned to go down and get a cup of coffee for Steve and I before I woke them up. Ella was so excited for the day that she woke up really early and asked if she could come with me. It became our fun little routine each morning to head downstairs together first thing each morning for coffee and hot chocolate. 

We were on the monarail right at 7am and had a beautiful view of the sunrise on the way to Epcot

The park was great, and we were able to go on almost all of the rides we wanted to in the first few hours of the day before it got crowded.

I didn't get too many pictures, especially while we were on the rides, but managed to get a few!

We happened to be there during the HGTV flower and garden show and the landscaping and grounds were absolutely beautiful. 

Making music at Figment's Land of Imagination - I loved Figment when I was a kid, and Ella loved him too! (funny enough she calls him Thin Mint) 

Having fun at the shark exhibits after the Nemo ride

We went back to our hotel for lunch and to spend a few hours at the pool for a midday break. 

Enjoying an ice pop

There was a boat rental at our hotel. Steve and Ella rented a boat and had a great time out on the lake!

We went back to Epcot for the evening, to the World Showcase section. We had a fun dinner at the Germany restaurant, the Biergarten. 

Entertainment during dinner

We saw the princesses from Frozen, and Ella thought the little Frozen house in the Norway land was really neat

Ella was amazed by this pyramid and volcano in the Mexico ride, and wanted me to take a picture

Epcot at night

It was a late night and we stayed almost until the park closed, so it was right to bed when we got back to the hotel, with big plans for Magic Kingdom the next day!