Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Sunday

 One of Ella's favorite Easter memories, that she talks about whenever she mentions Easter, was waking up on Easter morning in the apartment and looking outside her window and seeing eggs in the grass, so she knew the Easter bunny had been there. Last year we were in San Francisco for Easter so we weren't able to keep with our normal traditions, so it was nice to be home this year and able to make the 'eggs outside the bedroom window' happen again. 

Her view from bed - eggs in the grass!

Egg hunting bright and early

She finally spotted her basket!

Organizing all of her treasures

Ella got a ladybug notebook in her basket, and made this sheet in her notebook after breakfast. Translation: I like ladybugs because they are cool. They are pretty. Ladybugs are my favorite insect is a ladybug. 

Looking adorable before church

Some pictures in Mom's backyard after church

Washing the car with Steve before dinner

Perfecting her cannon ball 

Fun jumps with Daddy

And she found one more egg!

Adorable desserts by Grammy and Ella (mostly Grammy :))

Such a great Easter!

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Dad said...

Sure looks like a fun filled Easter!