Thursday, April 10, 2014

Go Texas

Something that is really unique about Texas is the level of state pride and, as I'm learning, the amount of education about state history.

I will never forget the night that Ella started saying the Texas Pledge when she was saying grace before dinner. When I visited preschools before we moved here, one that I visited said the Texas Pledge every day but not the Pledge of Allegiance.

Texans LOVE Texas!

In school last month, to correspond with the annual Houston Rodeo, they had a 2 week long theme unit all about Texas. Ella came home with about 20-30 different papers and projects all about Texas history.

Here are two of the true gems she created --

It says --
The Texas flag is red, white and blue.
The red is for bravery.
The white is for purity.
The blue is for loyalty.
I love the Lone Star Flag.

And her book "I am a Texas Star"

They danced line dances and square dances in PE class, learned Texas songs in music class, and at the end of the theme unit it was finally time for Rodeo Day!

All dressed up in her Western gear

The school brought in a petting zoo and had a fun field day to celebrate. Here are a few cute pictures that Ella's teacher posted on her blog --

They ended the day with Chili Pie and Root Beer -- life is good for this little Texan!

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sharon said...

That's SOO cute! I love her braided pigtails and cowgirl boots and pink cowgirl hat! She is the cutset Texan ever!