Monday, November 4, 2013

Visit from Grandad

Dad came to visit a few weeks ago, it was so great to have him.
At Ella's soccer practice on Thursday night
Looking so cute in her new Hello Kitty halloween dress from Grandma and Grandad 
Ella had a soccer game on Saturday morning and she scored her first two goals of the season! I was so proud of her, and it was awesome that Dad was there to see her big accomplishment.
 The two of them spent a ton of time playing over the weekend, and Dad logged many, many hours in the playroom and at the craft table. Ella especially liked having Dad make playdoh cubes on the conveyor belt and she was the supervisor while he did all the work :).
We tried to go to the pumpkin patch on Saturday but it was very rainy so we ended up at the library instead for a good rainy day activity.
After church on Sunday we went back to the pumpkin patch because it wasn't raining, but unfortunately it was closed because of all the rain the day before. We did end up with some little pumpkins though and then went to the Halloween store after lunch.
Checking out some of the spooky decorations 
Being silly with the pumpkin, trying to balance it on her head

Painting the little pumpkins 

 And a big pumpkin, complete with 'bloody spots'...she loves Halloween!
Ella had off for Columbus Day and so she got to spend the day with Dad. Here they are getting ready for a bike ride / walk with Cory.

Dad's birthday was a few days after he left, so we celebrated on his last night with us. We went out to dinner and then a little birthday celebration once we got home. Ella managed to quickly blow out the candles on his cake before Dad got a chance but then she did use some self control and let Dad open his present himself :).
Happy Birthday Grandad! 
We had a wonderful visit from Dad, and hope he comes to visit again soon!


sharon said...

It looks like a perfect Birthday Weekend; what fun!

Dad said...

Been out of town a few days. Just saw these. Had a great time and visit!!! Thanks for posting!!!