Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Picture Post

A bunch of pictures from the second half of October and the first half of November. 

Mom made Ella a girl sock monkey to be friends with her boy sock monkey, and Ella was very excited to introduce them to each other!

Spirit week at school - in her school character shirt

College shirt day

Visiting Jake and his new baby brother and sister. Ella loves getting to hold the babies and is so sweet with them! 

Guess who took this one?

She made this house all by herself!

We were all excited that Mom and Glenn moved all of their furniture and belongings into their house last month, and the house is looking great. 

Ella has her own room and was dying to sleep over right away. Here she is sleeping on her first sleepover night in her new room. 

At her little desk in Grammy's office 

Mom has a bunch of fruit trees in their backyard and there were many lemons ready to be picked

I love how you can see the rays of sun coming through the tree in this picture

So cute together in the backyard

 Fancy tea party

 Steve and I met up with friends in Seabrook and enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon and sunset by the water

Unfortunately Ella got sick at the end of the weekend when Mom was here, and she needed to stay home for a few sick days at Grammy's house (which she was actually very happy about).

Food coloring experiments

Family Lunch Day at school

We had an pretty cold day and Ella insisted on mittens in the morning. It was about 55 degrees out!

Going for a ride in the back of Steve's new truck on a beautiful Saturday morning 

Precious sleeping buddies

Fun movie night at James' 

Excited about the cake at Jake's birthday party

Having fun making Spin Art with Steve - together they made no less than 10 designs (and I think Steve did 7 of those himself!)

Very pretty view from the playground last weekend - and as close as we get to 'fall foliage'

After months of watching our oranges grow and then finally turn from dark green, our orange tree is now full of  ripe oranges! They are very sweet and delicious, and super easy to peel. I am so happy with them!

Super foggy morning

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sharon said...

Awesome pix! She just keeps getting prettier and prettier.