Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trip to New Jersey

We went to New Jersey a few weekends ago for Courtney's wedding, and to see Mom and Glenn. There is really nothing like Long Valley in the fall, it was so beautiful! The weather was gorgeous - cool, crisp air, lots of sun, beautiful leaves and scenery...just the perfect fall weekend.
On the deck swing with Grammy
Just like the last time we were in NJ, Ella was very taken with the cats and spent a good amount of time taking cat inventory and tracking them down. On Friday night Steve and I went to the rehearsal dinner while Ella enjoyed her night with Mom and Glenn.
On Saturday morning, Mom, Ella and I went apple and pumpkin picking. Ella's class had completed a week of activities on apples so she was really excited for apple picking, and although it's hard to believe, she's never seen the pumpkins growing on the vine before! (Even in NC they were patches where the pumpkins were brought in from other parts of the state.)
Apple picking
Hay ride out to the pumpkin patch
I love this one - look at that sweet face!
Pumpkin patch
And a funny story from the end of our trip. Mom and I both had a glass of hot cider, and Ella had a glass of cold cider. We sat on a bench and we were drinking our cider and eating popcorn. Several bees got interested in our cider and started buzzing around us. Ella does not like bees. All of a sudden, one landed in her cup of cider. She screamed as loud as she could, and then tossed her drink on me! I said I felt like I was on the Real Housewives, complete with a scream and a drink thrown all over me.
Later on, Ella drew this story. It's a picture of the three of us on the bench with our drinks, and an apple tree with a hole in the trunk (which we had seen). Here is the story: "We went to the orchard. The bee landed on a cup. The bee landed on me." Ha!
Courtney's wedding was Saturday night. Kelly was so sweet and drove down to NJ for the weekend and her and her Mom watched Ella for us while the four of us were at the wedding.
Courtney was completely gorgeous bride, and it was a beautiful wedding.

 Our trip home on Sunday afternoon turned out to be quite the adventure. Very long story short, Steve made it on the flight, and Ella and I missed it by about 30 seconds. Ella and I ended up not making it home until almost 10pm vs. 4pm. It was a very long day of travel and you'd think Ella would've fallen apart, but she was such a little trooper. She did great, never complained, and I was just amazed by how well she handled our unexpected change of plans!


sharon said...

That was an awesome weekend. Courtney was a stunning bride. Great pix, Honey!

Dad said...

Looks like a great & fun trip to NJ and the wedding! Missed flight?