Thursday, October 10, 2013

Picture Post

Catching up on a bunch of pictures from September and the beginning of October so far --

Snuggling with Cory -- they are so sweet together

Proud of her little mini-Ella school project paper doll

Race car driving with James at his birthday party at Chucky Cheese

Pajama party with Addison

One morning we saw a beautiful rainbow while we were outside waiting for Ella's bus, it was such a great way to start the day

Her best pirate pose at the store

Beautiful sky at the park at Ella's soccer practice  

Ella wanted to try these glasses on and wanted a picture so she could see what they look like

Fun Sunday afternoon painting pottery with friends

 We had a great visit from Mom a few weeks ago.
At the school cafeteria for lunch with Ella

Fun morning at the bookstore for a Curious George event

And we finally got a hair cut for the little lady! (She had been refusing a hair cut for months because she wanted to 'grow it like Rapunzel's'...fortunately she finally relented!)

For a post-haircut treat, Mom took us to get manicures

Mom and Erin should appreciate this one - Ella got her first writing assignment consequence a few weeks ago. She was mad at me one day after school and unfairly took it out on Alyssa (her after school babysitter). After Alyssa had gone home for the day and Ella and I talked about it, she wrote the two 'letters' below. She put them in the mailbox and was excited for Alyssa to read them the next day. She apologized and was happy to give the letters, and Alyssa was very appreciative. So, good lesson learned and I'm sure will be the first of many writing consequences! 


 She is ready for Halloween! The first Halloween catalog arrived and she fell asleep holding it that night :) 

Beautiful sunset in Seabrook 

Tea party with Ricky 

 In exciting backyard news, our caterpillars are back!  

And Ella has been excited that she has this cute little guy on her bathroom window several nights the last few weeks 

Making a homemade whirlpool  

Our very first "orange" orange!  

 Intently coloring - one of her favorite things to do 

Big jump! 

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sharon said...

So cool! I laughed out loud about her writing assignment!! Love it!