Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trip to San Antonio

We took a trip to San Antonio for Memorial Day weekend. We had an extremely hectic few weeks before (all 3 of us got sick, Cory got sprayed by a skunk, our air conditioner broke, my car broke down, several house projects half-done, tons going on with work, etc...). So, we were very ready for a fun few days away.

I had planned a busy itinerary for us and was keeping a close eye on the weather. It looked sunny all weekend so I thought we were all set. As we were driving on Friday, a huge storm seemed to come out of nowhere. It was pitch black out, huge rainstorm, lots of thunder and lightening. We drove through it but it was still raining by the time we got to San Antonio.

Our hotel was awesome. It was right on the Riverwalk, and we were able to walk everywhere. After some time at the hotel the rain let up enough for us to check out the Riverwalk so we headed out.

This was so sweet - a Mommy duck and her babies swimming up the river together


After dinner we headed back to the hotel and swam for a long time at pool. It was an indoor / outdoor pool and you could swim through the "underway" as Ella dubbed it, and go from inside to outside...which we did many, many times :)

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