Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ella's book about San Antonio

Ella made a book about our trip to San Antonio, and her little pictures are just so cute! 
I love how her little mind works and seeing her memories.

All of us caught out in the pouring rain 

The three of us on a boat on the river - this one is a little sad because due to the rain we did not get to go on the boat ride we had planned...definitely a must-do for the next time :) 

On her favorite ride at Sea World, the big water flume ride 

Eating dinner at a patio restaurant overlooking the river one night 

Our hotel 

The Alamo 

The man dressed up like a monster outside the Ripley's Haunted Adventure - Ella was fascinated by him! 

The three of us driving to Austin 

Bobby and Vanessa's house, a picture of their dog Rocky and Alessandra in her crib 

Shamu show at Sea World 

Breakfast at the hotel - note the chef's hat on Ella's head! 

Dinner at a restaurant 

Dinosaurs at Dino Quest 

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sharon said...

Awesome! So precious!