Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Alamo

On Sunday we went to visit The Alamo. It was really neat, and I learned more about Texas history in one day than I have in our year of living here so far!

Some pictures before breakfast at the Hyatt across the street from the Alamo

Memorial statues in the square

The inside of the Alamo was really neat with a bunch of original artifacts and lots to read and learn about. Ella wasn't quite as interested as Steve and I, but she hung in there :).

We had about a half of a mile walk to get back to our hotel, and it had been bright and sunny all morning. When we were about 5 minutes from our hotel, we got caught in an absolute downpour that came out of nowhere. Giant raindrops, and the wind and rain was blowing directly onto us. We were out in the open and took about 2 minutes of running out in the open to get under a building with an awning. We were laughing so hard and couldn't believe how wet we got!

 Always an adventure!


sharon said...

So cool!

Grandad said...

Ella, I've always wanted to visit the Alamo. So now, I'm a that little jealous that you were able to see it. Oh well, just so you had a good time!