Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pre-K Graduation

Ella's Pre-K graduation was on Friday May 31st. Mom was here and kept Ella home for a fun day, and then the ceremony was that evening.

Looking so cute in her cap and gown

With Grammy

The ceremony was held at the junior high. Here she is in front of the school, with her stuffed graduation dog from Grammy

I know that in the scheme of things, graduating from Pre-K may be pretty minor, but I was so proud of her! She was excited about going up on stage and had been practicing her songs and poems, and was just so precious!

Going to her seat with her class

Getting her diploma from Miss Richmond

Being silly with her friends with their diplomas

Sharing some important news

Video clips from their songs and poems

With Steve after the ceremony - successful Pre-K graduate!

How can it be that my little bitty is just a few months away from kindergarten!?!

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sharon said...

Too, too precious for words! Just adorable.