Monday, December 31, 2012

Painting with a Twist

One of my new favorite outings since we've moved here is a place called The Paint Pub where you go and take a painting class and drink wine. I've been twice with friends and had such a fun time, it's the perfect girls night out.

I've been wanting to take Mom when she is here, and I found out there is another place that is just a few minutes away, and they offer Family Classes on the weekends. We decided to give it a try with Ella because she loves painting, and was a really great way to spend a rainy afternoon. Ella did a good job with her painting, and was very happy with the snacks and lemonade!

Artists hard at work

Ella drying her painting (she kept touching it with her whole palm to see if it was dry yet)

Once she was finished, she decided to start writing names of everyone in our family on the back of her painting -- it was inexplicable and just so adorable!

Grammy and Ella with their finished masterpieces

Me and Ella

It was a fun afternoon, although not quite as relaxing as the times before :) - Next time I think Mom and I will leave the little one at home and go for the night out and some wine!

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