Thursday, March 29, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Our first Saturday here was St. Patrick's Day, and we went to a little get-together. One of Steve's roommates from college, Josh (who I met the same night I met Steve!), lives about 45 minutes away in Missouri City, and they had us over. They have a little boy Jake, who is about 10 months younger than Ella, and we've been enjoying spending time with them. Another of Steve's classmates was also there, he and his wife and three children live in the same neighborhood. We had a really great time and so nice already know a few people in the area.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Kerri had told us they were going to set up the water slide for the kids so Steve went out and got Ella a bathing suit that morning - so she officially has a 4T now :)

Playing with the baby Hudson. She told everyone all about "her baby" Cameron, who lives in Charlotte.

Once it got dark, Josh found two frogs hanging out on the slip and slide and Ella and Jake were incredibly excited. At first Ella just wanted to supervise the operation and boss Jake around to tell him what to do to catch them, but after awhile she got brave and held one herself. We were laughing so hard watching them.

Holding their frogs

The frogs eventually wised up and hopped away, but I don't think I will ever forget watching Ella hold a frog for the first time, she was just so excited.

Ella and Jake really played great together and I was really happy for Ella to have such a good time with a new friend. The next day I asked her what she thought of Jake and she said "he's awesome!"

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Mom said...

Holding a frog! And a new friend! That's so great. I'm so happy she's having so many fun adventures.