Thursday, March 29, 2012

New School

Ella started at her new preschool last week. I took her the Friday we got here for a quick visit, so she could check everything out, see the classroom and meet the teachers, and she talked about it a lot over the weekend so I know she was definitely a little nervous for her first day.

My precious little pumpkin, ready for her first day of new school!

I went with her and stayed for circle time and then a few of the centers. They worked on a computer program, made an art project of a blooming tree, and then worked on their letters. I left for about two hours and picked her up before lunch. She made a new friend, Alex, on her first day, and they've been buddies ever since. We gradually extended her time each day and she went for a full day on Friday.

They wear uniforms Monday through Thursday and Ella said annoyed after a day or two, "so all my clothes have to have a rooster on them?!" , but I really how easy it is to get her dressed in the morning, and they are adorable, and she still has several options to choose from each day. The school makes lunches, so no more lunches to make at night, plus I don't have to make a lunch for me any more since I'm working for home, so my nighttime prep has gotten so much easier.

I really, really like the school. I did a ton of research, then visited three to check them out, and this was hands down my favorite. Because she is 4 already, they put Ella in Pre-K instead of the preschool class, and I didn't know if she'd be 'behind' but her teachers tell me she is doing great. The curriculum seems outstanding and is very structured, although Ella did tell me she doesn't get enough time in housekeeping :). Her teacher has been there for 6 years, and there are 2 co-teachers as well.

Steve drops Ella off in the morning and he said every day when they get to the classroom, several girls run up to say hi and give her hugs...which warms my heart to hear. I ask her tons of questions about her day but mostly she tells me about what she had for lunch and maybe a few anecdotes here and there, but it seems everything is going really well. Her teacher called me this afternoon just to chat and see how everything is going.

I know it'll be a while until Ella is as comfortable as she was at her school, but for one week in, I am really happy with the school and so proud of Ella for doing so well in a new environment.


Dad said...

Even if she has to wear a rooster everyday, so happy to hear Ella is doing so well at her new school!

Aunt Erin said...

She looks precious in the uniform! How official!

Mom said...

Yes, she looks so pretty in her uniform. She's so grown up.