Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cameron's Dedication Weekend

The last weekend in February was Cameron's dedication, so Ella and I went to Charlotte for the weekend. We had planned to arrive on Friday but Ella woke up in the middle of the night Thursday night with an ear infection, so our plans changed and we went a day later. We drove to Dad and Donna's house first and spent the afternoon visiting with them. It was a very nice time, Ella didn't feel 100% but she was a trooper, and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Ella and Cameron were so cute together on Saturday night. Ella has spent the last 14 months loving Cameron so much but her love not really being returned - well that is all changing and Cameron is just so, so sweet with her. He loves to chase her around and laugh hysterically while he runs after her, and this past visit he probably gave her more than 50 hugs. It was so sweet and funny, he loved hugging her. He also loves Cory and kept resting his head on her.

Could he be any sweeter??

And what could be better for Ella than snuggling with Cameron -- snuggling with Cameron AND Aunt Erin :)

Ella gave Grammy a necklace that she made for her. Mom is wearing it in this picture, and Ella told her she should wear it every day!

On Sunday, before church

We went to church service first, followed by the dedication service after. I am happy to say Ella was an absolute doll at the church service. She's not used to sitting with us during church, so it's always an adventure when she stays with us, but she did really, really well. I was very impressed, and told her how proud I was and that I knew she could do an equally good job during the dedication (silly wishful thinking...)

With Grandma and Grandad

Erin and Cameron

The dedication service was very nice and Josh did a wonderful job speaking. I had my hands full with angel-turned-wild woman so couldn't pay as much attention as I would've liked, but I at least got to see all of Cameron's part.

A few group pictures

After it was all over, Ella finally got her wish and could run wild. Excuse the shock to your eyes on these, but I just had to include them because they perfectly sum up her energy level at the end...phew.

I am very glad we were there, it was a great weekend and I was happy to have one more trip to Charlotte before our move.

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Mom said...

They are just so adorable together; what a great weekend.