Friday, March 30, 2012

Picture Post

Here are a bunch more pictures of our first few weeks here in TX, to get me all caught up - phew, I can't even remember the last time I felt caught up on my blog!

Little cowgirl

On a walk with Cory one afternoon, she brought her bucket of stickers so that she could hand them out to anyone we might see along the way

Bubbles on the patio

My new co-worker - this guy comes around and hangs out on our patio every day, I can see him out my window from my office while I'm working.

We went to the pool last Sunday afternoon. Here she is ready to go, first trip to the pool!

Very sleepy on Monday morning, and see her snuggling with her baby monkey stuffed animal from the zoo, all wrapped up, she asks us to swaddle him for her :)

In front of our magical 'lake' - it fills up after a big rain, and completely disappears a day or two later

Too cute!!

Dentist appointment for Kludo, and yes, this dentist dresses up like a princess :)

Beauty parlor for Cory, lucky dog

There is a Mexican restaurant that we've gone to where you can sit outside to eat, and the kids run around and play together. Here she is hanging from a tree there tonight.

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sharon said...

She looks so happy! I'm happy for you guys! Keep the pix coming. Love you SOOO much.