Thursday, July 28, 2011

Isn't it Incredible?

I am way, way behind in blogging and have tons of pictures to catch up on, but just had to write this quick story about tonight. I was clearing some things off the dining room table, and Ella was "doing dishes" at the kitchen sink. She loves washing dishes but really this just entails squirting water around, getting all the dishes wet and soapy, and just having a good time. Then, I follow up with washing the dishes!

Tonight I got a surprise. She said "Mommy, all done with the dishes, I did them all my myself" - I walked over and couldn't believe what I saw - an empty sink and dish rack full of dishes

I was really blown away, I couldn't believe it, and I know the amazement showed on my face. Ella had a giant grin on her face, was just so proud of herself and said to me "I know, isn't it incredible?"

Clean sink and dishes 'done' :)

(In case you are now scared to eat at our house for fear that you'll be eating off a plate washed by a 3 1/2 year old, I did put them all in the dish washer once she went to bed!!)


Mom said...

I taught her that you know...well, the squirting water and making a soapy mess part anyway.
She really said "incredible?"
That IS incredible!

Jennifer and Rick said...

great story! awesome job Ella!

Grampy-G said...

Wait a minute here...I think washing dishes is a Grampy-G thing. She gets that from me I'm sure.