Monday, January 24, 2011

According to Ella

Ella says funny things every day and really there are just too many to keep track of, but here are some good ones I've managed to write down lately -

She has started saying "Hey, what's the big idea here?" when she is trying to figure something out. I have no idea where she got this one but it is so funny.

My toenail polish was way past due on needing to be taken off. I took it off one afternoon during her nap and that night she noticed that I had no polish on my toes and said "Mommy, you took off your nail polish. Good job! I'm so proud of you!"

I was trying to explain to her about Erin and I being sisters, and she asked me "what about Uncle Josh?" and I said "Uncle Josh is Aunt Erin's husband, they are married. Just like Daddy is my husband, me and Daddy are married." Ella said "ohhh, like Cory is MY husband!"

We were driving home from somewhere and Ella said she had to go potty. I told her we were almost home and she said "No Mommy, we are NOT almost home yet." I said, "okay, tell me when you think we're almost home." A few turns later she said "ok Mommy, NOW we are almost home", ...and she was right.

We were at Dad and Donna's house, and Ella looked around said to them, "do you have a playroom?" And they said no, they don't have a playroom. Then she said "Do you have an upstairs?" They live in a ranch house so don't have an upstairs, so they said no. Then, she said, looking very confused at this, "you get dressed right here?"

I had several piles of folded laundry on the floor outside the laundry room that I was going to finish once Ella went to bed. After I got her out of the bath she said to me "after I put on jammies, I help you with the clothes. That's a lot of piles, you need me to help you!"

Usually she always wants a book or two in bed with her when she goes to bed. One night I asked her if she wanted her books and she said "No, I'm sleepy, I'll just go night-night."

I was reading Ella a book in bed and had to yawn, so I turned my head to the side. Ella said to me "Hey, be careful - you're yawning on my friends, alright? Them be sad!"

The other day she said to me "I'm really tired, I had a lot of work today."

Ella said to me and gave me a big hug - "Mommy you are super cool!" - oh boy I wish I had this one recorded for future!

I call her "little lady" and "little one", so she calls me "little mommy" and "little madam."

Ella ends up in our bed between 3am and 5am almost every single night. One night I asked her why she doesn't want to stay in her bed all night and she said "because there's no people in here!"

She calls herself a super helper and a super girl. She usually says things like "I being a really good listener and using my manners", but the other day I asked her to help me unload the dryer and she said "no, I don't want to be your helper, you need to do it yourself. Okay, Mommy?"

The things that she says are so funny, but even better are the way in which she says everything - the gestures, the hand motions, expressions, etc - it's all just priceless. She is so serious and dramatic about everything, it is just the cutest.


Mom said...

She is so funny! The way she links playroom, no upstairs...everything must happen in the kitchen! This posting made me laugh out loud.

Aunt Erin said...

Too too funny! Obviously, Cory is her husband!

The Valentines said...

Ella has the cutest personality!! All of her sayings are so funny!Love it!

Dad said...

My favorite: re: Ella getting into bed with you 2 - "because there's no people in here! "Ellaisms" are laugh out loud funny!