Monday, February 7, 2011


Steve and I went on vacation last week, to Cancun, Mexico! It was incredible - we had no responsibility, no where we had to be, and nothing to do but relax and enjoy ourselves.

We stayed at a resort on the beach and didn't leave once - it was all-inclusive and we ate at different restaurants every night, and spent the days relaxing by the pool or on the beach. We read, talked, laughed, and just enjoyed having such a nice break. We went with our friends and met them there, and it was the perfect mix of time with them and time with just the two of us.

The room type that we had paid for was overbooked so when we got there, we got a free room upgrade to a nicer room that had a separate patio with a screened in porch and a hot-tub right on the porch. We could see the ocean from our room, and could walk everywhere in just a few minutes. There were 3 different pools and a bunch of different bars, even a swim-up bar and a separate bar on the beach. We had a few cloudy days and then a few really sunny days, it was such nice weather, a very welcome change from the really cold weather this winter. Steve's birthday was Sunday and so we celebrated on Saturday, our last night there.

The 2 of us

With our friends Dan and Annie

Pictures from the beach

Ella stayed in Charlotte for her own vacation (much more to come on that!), and we talked to her every day, and Mom texted to give me updates. It made it so much easier to have a good time, knowing how much fun they were all having together. The last time Steve and I went on a real vacation was 4 years ago, to St. Martin, and I remember thinking the trip went by too fast and I wished we were staying longer. As much as we had this time, we were ready to come home because we get to come back to Ella, getting to see her after 4 days of vacation felt like she was the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, we were so excited to see her.

It was really a wonderful vacation and I hope it's not another 4 years before we do it again!!


The Tooles said...

Don't you love those getaways?...time for yourself and time as a couple is SO important. We love our kids, but I always feel like I am a better parent after a breather and some much needed adult time! Glad you had a good time.

Mom said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a good time together...I won't forget the look on your face when you "got Ella back!"
Remember you couldn't stop petting her and she said "OK, Mom."
Such a huge blessing...