Monday, January 10, 2011

Ella's Birthday

Just like I did for Ella's 1st and 2nd birthdays, I took some pictures of her waking up on her birthday this year.

She knew it was her birthday and was really excited for the day. Uncle Craig, Aunt Jackie, Cayla, Cammi and Gavin had sent Ella an adorable birthday shirt and she was really excited to wear it on her birthday. Here she is before school -

We sent cupcakes to school and her class ate them after nap time. Ella said she really liked the cupcakes and we asked her if everyone sang Happy Birthday and she said "only Quinn sang" and I asked why no one else sang she said "they was just eating cupcakes" - ha! I do think she was kind of confused about the fact that it was her birthday but not her party, but she figured it out pretty quickly.

I left work early, and Steve had put together the playhouse that Mom and Glenn got for Ella - she was so excited to see it when we got home.

We went out dinner to Andy's which is a quick burger and fries restaurant that is so kid-friendly that it's perfect for Ella and always a fun time. Then we came home for cake and birthday gifts.

Steve putting many teeny tiny pieces together!

Playing with her new castle

School set from Aunt Erin & Uncle Josh - she couldn't wait to play it and I told her she had to wait until the next day, so she had me put it in her bedroom so she could look at it while she fell asleep!

It was a fun night and a great start to her birthday weekend!!

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