Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Gymnastics Class

We took a break from Little Gym during the fall and winter, but I thought she'd enjoy going back to gymnastics because she did ask about it a lot over the last few months and always had such a good time when we went. This time now that she is 3, it's no longer a Parent/Child class and it's just the kids on their own! We signed up with a friend so that Ella will have her buddy in class (and I'll have a buddy to chat with) and tonight was the first class.

Ella was super excited about it, but I was unsure how she'd do once she realized that I really wasn't going in with her. I told her a bunch of times that it's a big girl class where the mommies just watch, and Ella said she understood but then would say something completely opposite like would I help her on the rings, so I really didn't know if she got it or not.

Anyway, once we got there her and it was time for class to start, Ella and Kati held hands and walked in together. I was so proud of her. She did everything with the group and listened to everything the instructors wanted her to do. The class is 3 to 5 year olds so there are older girls in there too, and I think it was neat for her to see the older girls. Her and Kati stuck together most of the time and really had a great time.

She did forward rolls and the balance beam, bars, rings, jumping, balls, all that good stuff. Every so often she'd run by the window and give me a little wave, and I just loved seeing her have such a good time so independently. She came running out at the end and was so smiley and happy, I just felt so proud of her. After almost 2 years of classes together, it feels like such a milestone that now she's on her own in there. And even more amazing, that she did so great on her own and didn't need me being there at all!


Mom said...

No tears, Mommie? She's growing up fast.

Aunt Erin said...

What a big girl!

Dad said...

Yeah Ella & Mommie!