Sunday, October 10, 2010

Erin and Josh's Baby Shower

Last Saturday was Erin and Josh's baby shower, so we went to Charlotte on Friday morning to stay for the weekend. GeeGee, who has never met Ella before, came in from Ocean City, and Kelly flew in from Boston.

GeeGee, Ella and Erin

We had the shower at 300 East, one of Erin and Josh's favorite restaurants, and we had the whole upstairs. Mom, Kelly and I had a debacle of a time getting everything squared away on Saturday morning but it all worked out great and we got the room decorated and ready to go!

Mom and GeeGee

Aunt Kelly and Ella

The Mom and Dad-to-be

Erin and Ella

Mom, Glenn, Erin and GeeGee

Ella, Steve and I

Dad and Donna

Erin and her friend Sara

We enjoyed a delicious lunch and played a few games

And then enjoyed the cake

Baby Boy Edwards got many, many presents to welcome him into the world!

Unfortunately, Ella did not understand the concept that it was possible for there to be gifts that were not meant for her, so she graciously donated her services to help open gifts!

Erin and her nieces

These monkey cookies were the favors

GeeGee letting Ella "smell" the orchids (which have no scent!)

Ella had been dying to get her hands on the balloons the entire time, so once everyone had left she was finally able to go for it

That night Erin and Josh were at the Omni hotel bar with their friends; and Mom, GeeGee, Kelly and I went out to join them - wild and crazy ladies on the town!!

The weekend was a great success and I'm so glad we were able to have such a wonderful party to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my new nephew!! In about 7 more weeks he'll be here!


Rachel said...

It looks like it was a really nice day and Erin looks great! I love the monkey theme - so cute.

Aunt Erin said...

What an awesome weekend! We had the best time. Thank you, Colleen and Mom, for making it such a wonderful memory!

Mom said...

Colleen - you did an AWESOME job!
What a great day and great pix!!!