Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here are some of my favorite Ella-isms from the last few weeks:

Hi, how are you?

See you next time!

See you tomorrow!

Nice to meet you

Cory, you can NOT play in my sandbox. You have no hands!

I LOVE this apple!

Wait a second!

Don't tell me no! (usually announced with a finger in the air and warning tone - I hear this one several times a day)

I love peanut butter. And jelly. On a sandwich!

One night in bed I asked her to read to me. Her reply: "I can't. I don't know the words to know. When I grown up, I will read this book to you." (She said all this while stroking my face, it was heart meltingly sweet).

"Nopey, nopey!" - this was a phase where she would happily reply 'nopey nopey' to anything I'd ask her to do that she didn't want to.

Sure! (I love this one, she says it all the time when she agrees with something)

I don't think so!

Alright, alright, I all set!

Some new words that have surprised me: Cinnamon, dis-gus-ting (said with this exact inflection), tortellini, delicious

"I REALLY love my house. All the time. Going to sleep, reading books..."(gets distracted) - "Mommy, are you making breakfast?"

In bed snuggling, "you're the prettiest girl in the world" (she is incredibly sweet when she's wanting us to stick around awhile longer in bed :))

Picking up Cory at the vet, Ella says to the lady: "Where's my Cory?" The lady's reply: "She's in the back. ___ is getting her." E: "I hear somebody's dog woofing!" Vet lady: Does Cory woof? Ella: "Not like that!"

I said to Ella after she came down from a bath with Steve, "Mmm, you smell yummy!" Ella's reply to me: "Mmmm, you smell yummy too - like pizza!"

"I told Payton, it's time to clean up your toys!" (wow, lucky Payton!)

We were walking in the neighborhood and she picked up a pinecone and said "I want to take this pinecone home." Me: "Ok, what are you going to do with it?" E: "I will love it!" Then, after quietly thinking for a minute, "I will put it in a bucket and feed butterflies with it!"

"I am a good singer, and I love Cory!"

Yelling like a dictator from the backseat of the car, "I want ABCs, I want ABCs." (Meaning she wanted me to put on the ABC song on her CD) Me: "Ella, let's try asking with some manners." Ella, in the sweetest tone she could muster: "Excuse me, Mommy, please have some ABCs?"

"You're my best friend. Best buddies!"

"I love you in the world. More than anything."

One day I asked her in the morning if she could remind me after school that we had to drop library books off on the way home. Really I was hoping that by asking her, I'd remember that I needed to drop them off. When I came to pick her up, the first thing she said was "Mommy, we going to the library to drop off books?" I was shocked!

She knows that 'yesterday', 'last weekend', and 'last night' are all used for past tense and uses them all interchangeably to start sentences where she's talking about something that has already happened.

It's getting so hard to keep track of the funny and sweet things she says because she talks all the time and so much of it is so entertaining. She is so dramatic and so animated, uses big hand gestures and makes so many funny faces while she's talking, I just love it!!


Mom said...

One day I was looking all over for her "swimmies." Looking, looking, looking, she was following me all over the house. When I found them she clapped and said "good work, Gwammy!"
One day I was holding her, face to face, she threw her head back laughing and said "I luff you!"
If just doesn't get any better than that.

Aunt Erin said...

too cute! she's so smart!

Dad said...

"Cory, you can NOT play in my sandbox. You have no hands!" - made me laugh out loud! What a vocabulary!