Monday, March 8, 2010

Grammy Camp

Steve had to go out of town for a few days last week, and so Mom came down to watch Ella while I went to work. Ella LOVES her Grammy and loves going to 'Grammy Camp' during the day! Here are some pics from their adventures

They baked muffins one day, here is Ella enjoying her hard work

Ella has always enjoyed hand washing and can't pass a bottle of hand sanitizer without having an overwhelming urge to wash her hands immediately - well now she has a new favorite hobby that Mom taught her - washing the dishes!

As you can imagine, Ella's definition of dish washing is not the same as yours or mine - basically, dish washing involves holding some dishes under the running water indefinitely, ideally for extended periods of time, giggling and laughing while she gets soaked...and then, when we make the mistake of trying to end the dish washing session, we are greeted with many shouts of "more wash, more wash!" -- my little housekeeper, she definitely does not get it from me!

Notice how wet her shirt is :)

Some hugs and kisses for Grammy

What an adorable little pair!


Mom said...

Next, I'm teaching her how to do laundry!

Aunt Erin said...

I love how surprised Grammy looks to get a hug and kiss...her face saying, "hurry, get this on camera"! Looks like little Ella is becoming less stingy with her kisses!