Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snow and Cookies

Glenn came down for a quick trip last week and spent a bunch of time with Ella. We had our THIRD snow of the year, which is amazing, and even more so for March. (Even weirder, it's been in the mid-60s every day since Sunday!)

Ella in the snow

Then, they built Ella's first snowman!!

Notice how all the snow in the yard seems to have been used for the giant snowman...

Frosty is telling Ella a secret

Ready to make cookies!!


They had such a fun time together, and Ella even started calling Glenn "Gee" while he was here. She was very sad when he left and later said she was sad because "Gee bye-bye".


Grampy G said...

Gee had the best time ever. She's just great!
Gee sad, too...when it was time to go.

Mom said...

Sooo precious - Ella's first Southern Snowman topped off with warm doesn't get better than that.