Sunday, February 28, 2010

No More Boot!

Ella's follow up orthopedist appointment was on Thursday and she'd been acting so comfortable on her leg that I was expecting great news at the doctors office, and we were not disappointed!

She was much more nervous about the X-ray this time than she was at the ER, and looked a little panicky and just wanted to be held. I tried to explain it all to her and told her how easy it was going to be, and once it was over, she told the nurse "EASY!" and was quite proud of herself. Steve was out of town and so Mom came with me, and when we went back in the exam room from the X-ray and she told Mom it was EAS-Y! When the doctor came in, she asked Ella if she could see her leg, and Ella, who was busy playing with toys we had brought, looked at the doctor, tapped her leg and went back to playing...well, she let the doctor "see", right? When she realized the doctor was going to actually need to touch it, and not just look at it, she offered her other foot and took off her shoe and sock on the other foot for her...ha! Eventually the doctor managed to get her hands on the correct leg, and Ella didn't flinch at all, no matter where she pushed. She said the X-ray looked perfect, and that she is completely healed!

So, she is done with the boot - I had her shoe in my purse and she was so excited to see it and get to put it back on, and walked a little funny at first but quickly got back to normal. She still says "ow" and points to her leg, but she sometimes points to the wrong leg, so I think she's just remembering that she had the boot and had an 'ow', because it definitely seems that she is in no pain at all.

We took a short walk with Cory yesterday and then a long one today, it's so nice for her to be able to be mobile again outside. And we'll go back to gymnastics next weekend. I still need to get the courage up to take her to the playground again. Of course she's been there many times before this and nothing has happened, but I still feel a little bit nervous about it.

A few pics from the past few days -

I'm so happy that she is healed and we successfully survived her first broken bone. What a little champ we have!!

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The Tooles said...

Glad she is feeling better. The weather will start to warm up and it will be great to be outside and on the move again. Love the picture of her with her tongue sticking out!!!