Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ella the Outdoorswoman

I've written a lot about how Ella loves her daily walks with Cory in our neighborhood. This weekend I brought the camera along to take a few photos to show our little adventurer on our walks.

It's a decent length walk for her, about a quarter of a mile, which I think is pretty impressive for her little legs, but she does great. We make lots of stops along the way to check out all kinds of things and for lots of exploring.

Alright, let's go!

Pointing to the creek where she likes to throw rocks. We collect them up at the top of the trail and then on the way back we stop and throw them. She always says "throw rocks!"

Stopping for a little chat with Cory

Checking things out

Studying a leaf

She loves puddles, mud, the sky, birds, clouds, trees, pine cones, really anything she can point to ask questions about. She has a really funny explanation for where mud comes from and how it dries up when the sun comes out, always thinks it's so funny when there's a puddle there that was not the last time, or one that's dried up that was there before.

She'll spend hours in the backyard with Steve in the afternoons, walking around, checking things out, laughing at Cory, playing in her sandbox, and as she says "Daddy throw ball Ella" - she loves running after the ball. We try to get her to catch but don't have too much luck with that yet.

The other day she made me laugh when we got in the car after the playground, she said "ewwww, sand in shoe!" and dumped out two shoes full of sand into the backseat of the car.

We've had several weeks now of gorgeous weather and have been taking full advantage of it with our little outdoor explorer!


The Tooles said...

Everything is so new and exciting! I can't wait to regularly get outside with Caroline...she loves the outdoors too=) Enjoy your beautiful weather.

Aunt Erin said...

so precious!!

Mom said...

How sweet! Totally adorable.

Mom said...

I just had to look at this again, she's so cute. I LOVE the 'do! She's a real "little kid" now, and you and Steve are teaching her everything about the world...so cool!