Wednesday, February 10, 2010

She's Crawling!

Ella is doing so well with her leg. She can't stand yet, but is scooting around a lot and tonight was crawling all over the place laughing hysterically. She does not complain about it AT ALL. She will occasionally do something that hurts it, and then she makes this heartbreaking little face where her lip quivers and she fights back tears and puts out her arms to be picked up. But other than that, she is just her happy cheery self and continues to amaze us with her attitude.

She had a very bad night of sleep on Monday night, and was awake from 3:30 am - 4:15 am - I think she must have woken up, forgot it was hurt and stood up on it, because she really cried and we woke up to her screaming :(. Poor little thing. Last night she slept right through, which we were so glad about it. We're still giving her Motrin during the day and before bed, but it really seems that when she's sitting she's really comfortable and doesn't even notice it.

Here's the sweet girl on her favorite perch, the kitchen counter


Grampy-G said...

That's a lot of boot! I guess she'll be a skier.

Mom said...

She so super-cute.