Monday, February 22, 2010

Dinosaur Train Party

These are from a few weeks ago but I'm finally getting around to putting them up here! A few Saturdays ago, on Ella's last day of freedom before she hurt her leg, we went to a birthday party for her friend Cooper and Ella had an absolute blast. We told her all week that there was going to be there a train there and she was so excited, plus she was practicing her "happy birthday" (which is really just 'happy') and of course she frequently reminded us there would be cake. Well, the party certainly lived up to her expectations!!

The train was so cool, it drove the kids (and chaperones :)) all around our friends' neighborhood and Ella loved every second of it. It was really cold out but that did not deter her in the slightest and every trip that train made, WE were on it.

The girl that sat next to her is Taylor, and they were BFFs for the day. They played together for hours, and the two of them, plus two other little girls were like a little roving band of giggling girls, they just played and played! The girls taught Ella "ring around the roses", which they all laughed hysterically every time it was time to fall.

Playing a game of 'hatching dinosaur eggs' (Cooper was the birthday boy!)


And of course, since Ella fancies herself the Dog Whisperer, when their big dog Tucker got up in his chair, Ella happily managed to make a little room for herself to best position herself in there with him.

We ended up staying at our friends until 9pm, definitely much later than your typical 3-year old's birthday party but we were all having such a good time. Ella is still saying "ashes" for us to sing the song over and over, and still remembers the train and of course the dog!

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Mom said...

I love that she never misses anything FUN...checking out every dog, on every train ride, playing every game, that little girl knows how to enjoy life.