Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ella is 2 Months - March 5

Today is Ella's 2 month birthday!

To celebrate I dressed her up in her first dress and took a ton of pictures. This is the dress Erin gave her for Valentine's Day and I have been saving it for today. She is just absurdly cute in it, it is definitely my favorite outfit of hers so far. When I took her for a walk this afternoon I left the dress on and put pants underneath it and a jacket over just so I wouldn't change her out of it. Too-ooo cute.

on blanket - 3.5.08

sweet baby

close up

soooo cute

little darling - 3.5.08


Jean said...

I'm a friend of Donna and Frank's from NJ and check in on your blog every now and then. Just want to take the time to agree with you that you do have an absolute angel in your midst. Wish I could give those cheeks a pinch. You are truely blessed. Hope you don't mind me checking in, you see I haven't become a grandma yet, so have to live precariosly through others.

Jennifer @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

Your daughter is so stinkin' cute!! Poor thing already looks spoiled rotten!!

Colleen said...

Hi Jean - Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you!

Of course I don't mind, I love that Ella is building a little fan club. And yes, it is hard to leave her cheeks alone - sometimes I have to remind myself not to wake her up by repeatedly touching and kissing them when she is peacefully sleeping and probably wants to be left alone. :0)
- Colleen

Colleen said...

Thanks Jennifer! Yup, she has a tough, tough life :) said...

These pix are fantastic! She's a star!!!