Friday, June 26, 2015

Visit from Cameron

Mom brought Cameron to visit at the end of June. We had such a great time with him and he was such a sweetie all week!


Jumping in the pool at Grammy's 


Cameron was soooo sweet with Dottie. He said "I love your baby AND your dog" and kept going back and forth between Dottie and Cory 

These 3 couldn't be any cuter :) 

Dottie loves checking herself out in my phone 

Swimming at our house 

 We had spaghetti for dinner one night. Dottie ate a ton and then enjoyed a snack from her pouch after :) 

Ella and Cameron reading in bed one night. They had matching tiny books from Sonic and Ella would read and then Cameron would repeat every page. He said "aren't these books great??" 

We took a trip to Ms. Monkey's Emporium, a new coffee shop and little bakery where they keep a family of monkeys. 

Dottie and Grammy looking adorable together 

Meeting the monkeys! 

Smiley Dottie 

And another picture of the three of them looking adorable 

It was so nice to have Cameron and we're so glad that Mom brought him to spend time with us!

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