Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Pics

Showing off her new teeth!

One happy and one grumpy

Adorable cutie sleeping in her sleep mask

Her farm, one of her favorite projects of her first grade school year

Eating carrots and cucumbers for the first time. Dottie is such a good eater so far and we really haven't discovered anything that she doesn't like eating, especially if she can feed herself (her favorite thing). 

Some of the things she's tried and really likes: all fruits and vegetables, pork, waffles, pancakes, guacamole, bread, hummus, oatmeal. 

Ella's friend had a birthday party at the Equestrian Center. We haven't been before but Ella had a really good time. 

After we got home she was inspired to dress western and immediately got into costume :) 

Outside Livingstones Church for Victory Camp - she wanted Maddy to take a picture of her to remember the camp 

Looking very beautiful 

 Swimming at Grammy's

Dottie is clapping all the time now, it is the most adorable thing! 

I had to go to Raleigh for a meeting and came back on my birthday. This is what I came home to -- Ella had set up a party complete with party hats, name place holders, and lots of cards. So sweet!! 

I got home close to Ella's bedtime on Wednesday so the party was Thursday morning :) 

Holding her bottle all by herself 

Ella went to tumbling and trampoline camp for a week and they had a show on Friday afternoon.  

Out to dinner for my birthday 

Last swim meet of the summer!

World's cutest swim cap from Grammy

Fun in the pool

Father's Day

End of season swim party

Ella went to Dance Camp the last week in June - she really enjoyed it and I got to see her dance at a cute show on the last day

With Maddy

Swimming in the rain!

Reading to Dottie - so, so sweet!!

In the "family raft" as Ella calls it

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sharon said...

So adorable! Both girls are gorgeous!