Monday, June 8, 2015

Last Day of School

Ella's last day of first grade was Wednesday, June 3. She had such a wonderful first grade year - she had the best teachers, lots of friends in her class, learned so much, went from a beginner reader to a fluent reader, and really enjoyed the year - as a parent I couldn't have wanted for any more for her out of the year. All that said, she was very very excited for her summer break and last day of school!

She wrote the cutest cards to her bus driver and teachers - 

Looking adorable on the last morning of school 

Very proud recipient of Perfect Attendance Award for the last 9 weeks of school. She set a goal and achieved it - she really, really wanted this award :) 

We celebrated the last day of school with Ella's pick - a Sonic picnic and ice cream! 

Summer break is officially here!

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sharon said...

A Sonic "picnic!" I LOVE it!! Congrats to Ella on that achieved goal!