Monday, December 22, 2014

December Pics

Ella got a very big surprise on December 1st when Madelyn (named by Ella) arrived at our house! This little elf made for tons of excitement for Ella all month long...

Not remotely impressed by the elf but incredibly cute!

Carmen and I did a craft workshop at church - such a nice afternoon and we made some really neat crafts 

At a friend's birthday party at the fire station -- Ella got to slide down the fireman pole

Decorating the Christmas tree

Dottie starting to lift her head

I love this expression

Our 3rd annual Army Navy party day - Mom and Glenn had gone to West Point and got the girls some great new Army shirts to wear (Ella had a Daisy service project that day before the party so she wore the Santa hat to spread holiday cheer)

End of the party - tired but still going strong, decorating cookies

I love this smile!!

Outside lights complete! 

Clearly thinking she should be eating some of that delicious ice cream her big sister was enjoying

Bath time buddies

Polar express day at school - the last day before Christmas break!

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