Thursday, December 4, 2014


At the last minute, Ella decided she wanted to save her Violet costume for trick-or-treating only, and decided to be a witch for school that day. 

She told me I needed to take a picture of how she would look after a house dropped on her...

Excited and ready for school!

Dottie being festive too :)

I got to volunteer at her school Halloween party, which was really fun. I was originally signed up for the Christmas party (you can only pick one party per year) but she told me the Halloween party was much more fun so I needed to switch :)

Mummy team

The world's cutest Supergirl, all ready for trick-or-treating!

And Violet of the Incredibles

Sweet superheroes

Hmm...guess she's not quite as excited for the big night as we thought?

We had the Zhangs over for trick-or-treating and the girls had a blast. 

This is how Dottie spent the majority of our time out trick-or-treating.

We had beautiful weather and trick-or-treated for a few hours in our neighborhood. The girls loved every minute, collected way more candy than they could ever eat, and even got to go in a Haunted House that one of our neighbors put up. Us adults had a great time too and it was even more special since Len and Carole were here with us. A very fun Halloween!!

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