Thursday, December 4, 2014

More October Pics

Many more pictures from the month of October --

The first Friendswood Farmer's Market -- Ella was really excited to bring some of her own money and made a few purchases all by herself

This was a very cool discovery we made behind an old street!

Decorating for Halloween

Dottie looking adorable

In her Big Sister shirt

Poster that Ella made for school

Ella and Paisley at Dolphin Tale 2 with their Daisy troop

Dottie with Flopsy

Ella got these glasses from a McDonald's happy meal and got several days of serious use out of them

Getting to talk to Reid on the space station 

Smiley girl

Kiss for Ella

Ella giving Steve 'a haircut'

At Ella's Family Breakfast at school

Dottie enjoying Ella's hair

My pumpkins and their pumpkins

Could she be any cuter???

Crazy hat day (and no explanation for the pose on the pumpkin)

Chunky monkey

Cutest Lil' Sister!

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Oh my...adorable pix.