Monday, July 14, 2014

Trip to Charlotte

Ella and I went to NC for a week in June, it was the first time we've been back since a few weeks after Grant was born. We were so excited for the trip and couldn't wait to get there. 

Mom picked us up around noon on Friday and had Cameron and Grant home from school, so we got the afternoon with the kids. Ella and Cam were so, so, happy to be back together and were just so adorable. 

Determined to convince us that they should take a nap together

Playing with the hose in Grammy's backyard

Ready to head over to Erin's house

Fun in the ball pit at Erin's

Dad and Donna came over on Saturday. This was Ella and Cameron looking out the window waiting for them to arrive

They are just so sweet together

Watching Grant roll over, he's such a little champ!

Resting together after lunch

That night, Mom, Erin and I went with Ella and Cameron to paint pottery. It was Cameron's first time and he picked a little turtle and was so cute painting it. 

Ella's was a surprise so I was not allowed to look at it or take a picture of it while she was working on it :)

Putting the finishing touches on my plate

And for the funniest part of all - I can't quite remember why, but they decided to sing Let it Go and it was so, so, so funny and adorable. The singing, the hand gestures, the theatrics, we just got the biggest kick out their performance! 

Before church on Sunday morning

After church in all our stripes!

Ella loves holding Grant

So precious!

On Sunday afternoon I left for Raleigh for my trip to the office. Erin took this great pic of mom with the kids, I love this one!

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sharon said...

I love that pic too! It was a great visit. Thanks so much for coming.