Tuesday, July 22, 2014

4th of July

We went snorkeling on the morning of July 4th. We weren't sure if Ella was completely "ready" but she loved the idea and so we decided to give it a try!

We left from a marina on the bay side (Laguna Madre) and the boat ride was about 30 minutes to get to the snorkeling spot

Getting all suited up

And they're off

Ella got scared once she started seeing the fish swimming by us. It took about 15 minutes of her clinging to one of us before she started to get comfortable. There was also a lot of seagrass, and she hated when her feet touched down on it. There were many, many fish, all around us, and as scared as she was at first, she eventually got comfortable and even wanted to go back out again after we ate lunch, which really surprised us. I was really proud of her for sticking with it and glad that she ended up enjoying herself and a new experience. 

We went back to the beach later that afternoon and Ella was eager to get back to her boogie board

Ready for some July 4th fun!

After dinner we walked down the beach to see the fireworks

From where we sat, we were able to see 2 different fireworks displays at once, which was really neat

It was a long day and very fun, Ella was asleep about 5 minutes after we got back to our condo!

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sharon said...

So cool! Looks like a great trip!