Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Picture Post

Catching up on a bunch of pictures from May and June--

Having fun scootering around the street with Alyssa

Baby bunny in our yard 

Taking a picture of the baby bunny

Cory turned 13 at the beginning of May!

Painting project to make some new art for the playroom

And her own painting - for some reason she had her mind completely set on making a painting of our kitchen - she didn't miss a detail, down to the bread on top of the microwave!

Spring came late this year, and we lost a lot of our plants and flowers from having such a cold winter with several freezes. Steve has spent many, many weekend days working on our yard and his hard work has paid off, we now have so many beautiful flowers to enjoy!

New garden in the back

And our milkweed is back! No caterpillars yet this year but we've seen several butterflies so I'm hoping that they aren't too far behind with the way the milkweed has recovered.  

These are my favorite new flowers, they are hollyhocks and are so pretty! 

Flowers behind the pool

Last day of riding the bus to school 

Baby frog that Ella kept for a few days

Perfecting her cannonball

Looking adorable before camp

Making pancakes on Father's Day

After breakfast we went to church and then spent the afternoon swimming 

With Ella on the morning of my birthday (before I had to head to Austin for work)

 Trick jumps with Jake

Ladybugs in the garden


sharon said...

Oh man, these are awesome! I thought you bought the artwork in the playroom. I didn't know you actually painted it!!!! Amazing!!!!

Colleen said...

Mom that is awesome that you thought we bought the paintings in the playroom! I figured they were very obviously homemade :). Love you!

Dad said...

Don't know who's cuter Ella, Corey, or the flowers? Just kidding, Ella is hands down!