Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beach Trip

Our friends just bought a beach house in Galveston. The Friday before Memorial Day was their closing date, and they invited us to come down and spend the first weekend with them. We had the crawfish boil on Saturday so we we headed down on Sunday and were so excited for the trip!

Sunday was sunny and beautiful, the perfect beach day

Ella and James slept in twin beds in the same bedroom and they were both so exhausted after a big day (plus Ella had been up way too late the night before) that they both fell right to sleep and actually managed to sleep through the night in the same room. We've done overnights at the beach with friends before and it never works out that the kids manage to fall asleep together and one or both end up in bed with the adults. So Ella was very excited for her 'first official sleepover'! 

Going for a walk on Monday morning

Monday was overcast so we went fishing in the waterway in the back of the neighborhood instead of back to the beach. The waterway is beautiful with gorgeous houses and so peaceful.

She caught one!

We really had a wonderful trip - relaxing and so much fun! I'm also so grateful for our friendship with the Callaways, we always have such a great time with them. 

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sharon said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! That looks so wonderful!