Monday, June 9, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation

Ella's kindergarten graduation was Thursday, May 29, and was one of the absolute cutest events she's had yet! They had been practicing for a few weeks and all of that practice paid off, the whole thing went so smoothly and was just adorable. 

Taking her place on stage 

Their first song

Getting her diploma  

Shaking hands with the district superintendent - I love her expression! 

And this song was SOOOO precious. The video doesn't do it justice but her expressions and gestures and singing was heart-melting. 

Walking off the stage

We got to go back to the classroom to spend some extra time with Ella. 
So cute with her diploma and graduation photo!!

So proud of our sweet kindergarten graduate!

Ella's teacher put together an adorable video with pictures from the class over the whole year, and showed it that morning in the classroom. It was really a wonderful year for her - she made great friends, learned so much, and has a great foundation for enjoying school that I hope will last for many years to come!

Cute classmates

With Mrs. Dooley - we were so very fortunate to have her for Ella's kindergarten teacher this year, we are really going to miss her!

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Dad said...

Kindergarten graduation! Where's the time going? Ella is as cute as ever!!!