Thursday, May 29, 2014

Crawfish Boil

We hosted a crawfish boil last Saturday for Steve's company. Last year for our first crawfish boil we had several of the guys that work for Steve and their families, and they brought all the supplies and made the crawfish. They all wanted to do the same thing this year, but it got big quickly and ended up being an event for the entire company. 

Steve assured me that he and the guys on his team would take care of everything and I didn't need to worry about the planning, and that's exactly how it worked out! 

Josh did the crawfish this time and set up this professional looking station in our backyard

Because we had so many people, we needed over 100 pounds of crawfish! This is just the first batch-

By the end of the third batch, just a few people still going...

Ella and Jake steered clear of the crawfish but had a fun time swimming and playing all afternoon and late into the evening

Lily and Andy looking adorable

The party went great, and it was so nice that I had only minimal responsibilities throughout!


sharon said...

That looks wonderful!!! Beautiful kids too!

Dad said...

MD steamed crabs, I'm in. "Crawfish Boil" not sure? But what counts is everyone had a good time! Enjoy!