Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day Breakfast with Ella

Ella's class had a Mother's Day Breakfast last Friday morning, and it was awesome! We all waited in a line and Ella came to pick me up, held my hand, and led me to her chair. She sat me down and then pushed my chair in, and brought me a muffin, fruit salad and orange juice. 

They had been working on their projects for weeks and Ella was so proud and excited to give everything to me.

This picture is the absolute sweetest thing and I was so happy and charmed to read it. 

It says:

My Mother

My mom's name is Colleen and she is 33. Her favorite color is violet. She is pretty in the nighttime and in the afternoon when she's working or making dinner. I think Dad married my mom maybe because she is pretty. My mom is really good at cleaning up and making dinner, but she's not good at doing things I can do. Like she can't do a forward flip or a backward flip. Mom likes to go on walks with me and she likes to relax. When no kids are around she likes to get her nails done and go out with my dad and stuff. The best thing my mom cooks is chicken nuggets. Her favorite place to eat is Which Wich. Mom lets me have 2 desserts sometimes. Mom almost always says "after dinner" when I ask her something. My mom is the BEST because whenever I ask something it's usually a yes! I know my mom loves because I just know...and every night she says "I love you!"
With love,

I just love it so much, this one will be prized for many years to come!

And there were a bunch of other great projects Ella had made --
A tile picture holder

All these amazing goodies!

And a bookmark 

And the flowers in this pot were each labeled with a different thing Ella was supposed to do - one said give me 10 hugs, one said feed the dog, and one said do the dishes. She readily paid up on the hugs and feeding Cory but gave me a raincheck for her dishes night! 


And the kids sang several cute songs - 

It was really such a fantastic morning and the perfect start to our weekend!

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Dad said...

Ella's note could not be any sweeter! Ella sure loves her Mom and why shouldn't she!