Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beach Trip

We took a quick trip to the beach the last weekend in September. We've had a ton of rain lately and this was another rainy weekend, but we knew it was probably our last chance for the season so we decided to go for it and headed down to Galveston after Ella's soccer game that Saturday. 

Excited and ready to hit the beach

Fun in the waves

In this one you can even see rain showers in the background

At the Rainforest Cafe for dinner

The best part of the trip was our visit to Pleasure Pier. It's usually so hot when we're at the beach so we've never been before, but this was the perfect weather for it and we went on all the rides and had a blast. 

Ella wasn't so sure about this one after it was over!

On the ferris wheel

View from the top

After the Rock and Roll (Flying Bobs)

And our favorite ride -- it was called the Texas Flyer and was a huge set of double swings that swung us out so high, way above the ocean. 

And here it is at the top, the lights are on the bottoms of the swings - you can see how much higher it was than the Ferris Wheel! We found out later it's the tallest swing ride in Texas. I couldn't believe that Ella wasn't scared of it - she loved it and so we all went back on it again.

We were out really late and went to bed as soon as got back to the hotel. But first Ella had to draw a picture of her favorite sweet!