Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Union Square and Chinatown

Wednesday was the day of Craig's conference and presentation, so he and Steve were gone most of the day together, and Ella and I spent the day with Jackie and the kids. Cayla and Cammi were excited for Union Square so they could go shopping. I thought Ella might be bored and I'd need to find something else for the two of us together to keep her occupied, but I was so wrong - she had a blast! It was a day of many, many laughs - she was just so silly when we were shopping and Cayla, Cammi, and Gavin indulged all of her silliness, so it was such a fun day.

At the flagship Old Navy store 

Enjoying the sunshine during our lunch break at Union Square

We got to go prom dress shopping with Cayla and Ella didn't understand why SHE shouldn't be also buying a prom dress -- so the girls found the smallest dresses they could find and let this silly girl try on prom dresses.

They were just so sweet  and it was quite a sight - all of them in the dressing room together, Jackie helping Cayla and Cammi helping Ella :)

And most importantly, Cayla found a beautiful prom dress in the midst of Ella's prom dress trip :)

We went to Chinatown in late afternoon and met up with Steve and Craig for dinner.

Ella at the entrance to Chinatown

Ella got to go into several of the souvenir shops with the kids and thought it was the coolest thing that they got to go by themselves 'with no grown-ups.'

We went to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory where they make fortune cookies. We got to see how they make the fortune cookies and ate some right off the press that weren't folded up yet.

One of the sweetest things was that when were going up and down the streets in Chinatown, Ella really wanted a bamboo / fabric umbrella that she saw in the stores. Gavin used some of his own money and went back and bought one for her. It was just adorable and she treasures it.

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