Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Picture Post

Catching up on some pictures and videos from April and the beginning of May --

Looking so cute on her new princess couch from Grammy with her babies and some animals
A rainy day, and she was excited to take her umbrella to school!

Ella has been asking for fake nails for months and I've always said no because I think a 5-year old has no business wearing fake nails. A few weeks ago, we were at Claire's at the mall, and she saw a pack that had peace signs on them and she just had to have them. They were on clearance and were really cheap, and I figured it may not be a bad idea to let her try them and realize how annoying they are, and hopefully break the mystique and her fixation on them. 

She was so excited that she wanted to get them on right away, so we went to the lobby outside the restrooms and I put them on for her. She loved how they looked and was showing them off to everyone. Our next stop was the shoe store and I asked her to take her shoe off so the guy could measure it. She said "oh no, I can't take my shoes off with these nails!" I had to take them off for her. Then when it was time to try on a pair I tried to hand them to her and she said "oh no, I can't put those on with these nails!" I put them on for her. The shoe guy told her how great her nails looked and said "but it seems like it's hard for you to do anything with them?" Her reply "Yes - all I can do with these nails is walk!" HA, it was just so funny. Needless to say, the nails only lasted long enough for us to get home, take her to get a picture with them, and then take them off. And fortunately, she hasn't asked for fake nails since :)
Handstands with Brandon on Jake's trampoline
Ready for a morning of gardening
First afternoon in our pool

Giving Cory a bath

Beautiful hibiscus
Steve and Ella made a fort in her bedroom one night
Strawberry picking with Ellie and Katie

She saw this lizard on the side of the house and wanted to get my phone to take a picture

Watering the garden

This is the life!

Sleeping after a big afternoon of swimming

Finished bird feeder project from Grandma and Grandad

Climbing a tree

Wiping down the cabinets - she gets in moods where she is seriously helpful and I take as much advantage of it as I possibly can.

Poor little girl on a sick day a few weeks ago

Celebrating Cory's 12th birthday!

Working on making a scrapbook 
Washing the dishes 

She rinses them and then I load them in the dishwasher

With Brileigh at Spring Fling
At Clear Lake Park

On the times when Ella takes a shower instead of a bath, I wash her hair and then she washes her body and I close the curtain and wait for her..and enjoy the entertainment :)

Coming down the slide at a bounce birthday party

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sharon said...

What a perfect baby-doll she is!