Monday, May 6, 2013

Sterling Vineyards

On Tuesday, Steve, Ella and I were on our own for the day while Craig and Jackie took the kids to visit a few colleges so that Cayla could check them out.

We went up to Napa Valley and had such a fantastic day. The drive was about two hours and was so beautiful.

A few pictures from the drive up -

 We drove through Napa Valley up to Calistoga, to Sterling Vineyards. I had picked Sterling Vineyards because I had read that it was a good pick for kids, but we drove past several different wineries on the ride there, and the road was lined with vineyards. 

 Sterling Vineyards is unique in that the winery is at the top of a big hill so you ride a gondola to the top. 

The view from the gondola ride -

Once we got to the top, we did the winery tour and wine tasting. 

Ella was thrilled with her sparkling grape juice
Winery tour

The view from the very top was incredible, I've never seen anything like it!
There was a mechanical issue on our ride back down the hill so we enjoyed an extra long ride back down 

Happy girl back at the bottom of the hill

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