Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Father-Daughter Dance

We've been going to a new church and they had a Father-Daughter dance recently, and Steve got tickets to take Ella. She looked forward to it for weeks, it was the sweetest thing. It was a 50s theme but Ella just wanted to dress up fancy, so she got all dolled up and looked absolutely precious.
With their tickets, ready to go
Ella gave a great report of the night - lots of hula hooping, dancing, dinner and ice cream, and best of all - she won the guessing game for the jar of jelly beans! Steve told the best story for this, there's no way to do it justice since I wasn't there, but she REALLY wanted those jelly beans and through Steve's guesstimating skills, she ended up winning them!
She also asked if she could take some balloons home, here she is with her treasures. I absolutely love this picture.
And the church sent this picture of Steve and Ella in front of a cute backdrop - so adorable!


sharon said...

That is so, so cool! What a beautiful couple!

Dad said...

What a great Dad and Granddaughter! Looks as if Ella and you had quite the time and lots of fun!!!