Thursday, September 20, 2012

New School Year

Ella's new school year started the last week in August. She is now in PreK 2, and will have a full year of PreK before kindergarten next year. She was already in PreK 1 from March until the end of the school year, and unfortunately most of her buddies moved up to kindergarten this school year, so she was sad the first week or so because she wasn't with them. 

She's doing a good job adjusting though, and now she says she's happy to be in PreK 2, so I am very glad about that. 

First day of school 

Another morning that week, showing off a picture she made the night before 

Hand prints from her first week

Math worksheet

Here she was just supposed to be practicing writing her name, but decided instead to perfect her rainbow marker skills!


Grampy-G said...

Rainbow writing...the girl has a mind of her own.

Mom said...

What a beauty! She'll be in first grade before you know it.