Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend in Myrtle Beach

It has been an extremely busy month or so, so I have a ton of catching up to do!

On Veterans Day weekend we went to Myrtle Beach for Glenn's nephew Jimmy's wedding. Steve and I have been to several weddings since Ella's been born but we've never taken her with us before, so this was her first. The wedding was really nice and we had a lot of fun at the reception.

Ella looking so cute at the table

Mom, Glenn and Cameron who was just so adorable all dressed up!

Attempt at a family photo

Ella loves Cameron so much and loves to give him many hugs and kisses!

Happy Cameron

Getting very sleepy

Check out these good-looking dancing couples!

Ella was a dancing machine, she danced for about 2 hours straight. Here are some cute videos of her moves.

On Saturday, Glenn's brother Jack took us out on his boat on the waterway. It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny and warm, and was Ella's first boat ride.

I love this picture, she looks so suspicious!

Ready for a nap

Glenn picked a hotel that had an indoor water park, and we had a great time there on Saturday night. There were several pools, different areas with dumping buckets and barrels, lazy river, and water slides - some that we went on with Ella which she loved, and some big ones for us adults that were so much fun!

We went down to the beach on Sunday and walked in the sand, dipped our toes in the water, collected shells, and just enjoyed being able to spend time on the beach in November!

Proud of her treasures

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